​Lisa Solterbeck


Intuitive Empath

Lisa's expertise is to help individuals move through blocked energy using the modality of Essence Illumination. Essence Illumination is a modality she created that explores and illuminates the essence of who you are. It takes the perspective that all people are whole and complete; yet may have barriers or blocks around the expression of their higher selves. This modality is expressed in love and with the full understanding that we do not "heal" anyone, we just hold a sacred space where the blocked energy can be released.


"I am honored to help you realign to your true self. Even if you struggle knowing who you are, I  can see your essence and will help illuminate it so that you can see just what changes need to be made."



© 2014 Lisa Solterbeck. 805 Liberty St NE, Ste #2, Salem, OR 97301 / Call 503.991.5091 

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