My Story

My name is Lisa Solterbeck and I am an intuitive empath and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years’ experience working with seniors, adults, adolescents, and children. I received my AAOT and AGE degrees from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon. I furthered my education at Western Oregon University receiving my BS degree with a major in Psychology and minors in Health and Sociology. I continued my education at Portland State University receiving a master’s degree in Social Work. I am currently working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and in a PhD program with the International University of Professional Studies studying Transpersonal Psychology.


I am a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist and certified in Neurolinguistic Patterning. I have done years of research and training in multiple facets of spirituality.  As a world traveler, I have conducted international retreats and healing intensive workshops. My passion is to blend spirituality and psychology together to help individuals find true fulfillment.


My partner and I are co-owners of a holistic healing center called Journey's... A Center for Your Soul in Salem, OR. My areas of specialty are grief and loss, trauma, purpose work, and self-fulfillment. My publications include an article in Psychological Reports Clinical Journal, multiple magazines, authored "The Journey Back to Balance; An Intentional Path", as well as a self-help deck of cards, Essence Illumination. In addition, I have co-hosted multiple radio shows.





My Story

As a child, I was raised by a loving yet very religious family. I had many fears around God, salvation, and trying to wrap my head around truth. I always knew I was meant to love at the deepest level and found it incredibly difficult to be in a world that had so many closed hearts. I knew there was a place of balance, where everyone was equal, and where there was no separation. I couldn’t find it in those I learned from. They seemed to suffer in their own quiet way. They held themselves back from speaking their truth, they didn’t give themselves what they wanted or needed, and they lacked the full range of emotions. Anxiety flowed; their minds and their hearts were not one. My family always encouraged me to touch lives, but I interpreted their message that I was to love to gain the approval of others and that, in turn, would help me be "good enough." Much of my life I’ve wrestled with this confusion, but in the process of my awakening I have found truth. The truth that love just is...nothing must be done to attain it. That search for approval stops us from attaining our own light and greatness and the knowledge that we are all one; only divided by fear of separation.


When I was in my early twenties I “came out” and was forced to face my fear of not being accepted as I was. I was able to see that my worth didn’t come from acceptance by others but by acceptance of myself. This has given me a unique perspective on being able to love people as they are. The more I work on self-love the more I have the honor of guiding others to the place of love.


My greatest fears have been death, public speaking, and “looking” stupid. It has become blatantly clear that my awakening to my divine gifts were through facing each one of these fears. As I work with those I serve, I allow my identity to shift, to become a chrysalis, a shape shifter, and a channel to move the energy that is trapped within them as well as me.


My background as a Social Worker guided me into grief and loss work. Through many years of experience with Hospice and my private practice, I gained the words and the humbling acceptance of being with the raw truth of grief. I set a sacred space for clients to hold their pain, their fear of the unknown, the loss of control, the memories, and the love they held dear. As I worked with these individuals, I started to see they were no longer haunted by their grief, but transformed by their clarity of the message that the experience offered them. Most were just afraid to sit within their pain to see if there was truly a bottom or an end to the hurting. Thankfully there was and most of the time it was a quick process once they committed through intention to the passage.


This work made me so curious as to why I suffered like those I served. As I explored, I found my journey led me to a much deeper fear within myself, one where I questioned my value, my worth, my goodness, badness, and if I was lovable. These stages of my life drove me into intense healing work with multiple teachers, each wise with their own kernel of truth that touched my soul. This powerful work brought me to a place of knowing that I am a brilliant light that can be loved just as I am. I now have an understanding that living small does not serve me; or those I love. Knowing that offering my gifts with conditions is ego. Knowing I am not the director of my life; I am the one who is blessed to live it!


From this journey, I now know that I am a channel of that divine wisdom; my mission is to reunite all who are ready, back to the universal truth. I hold the space that is required; where one can fall in love with self.  There is no one that is unlovable. It’s just a fear of journeying inward to see for yourself. I’m not afraid to take you there!


My expertise is to help individuals move through blocked energy using the modality of Essence Illumination.

Essence Illumination is a process that explores and illuminates the essence of who you are. It takes the perspective that all people are whole and complete; yet may have barriers or blocks around the expression of their higher selves. This modality is expressed in love and the full understanding that we do not "heal" anyone, we just hold a sacred space where the blocked energy can be released. I am honored to help you find yourself. May this be a tool that can assist in the unfolding of your destiny.


Remember to always inquire within....


I would like to say thank you to all my wise teachers for all their gifts that they have shared to help me on my path.



© 2014 Lisa Solterbeck. 805 Liberty St NE, Ste #2, Salem, OR 97301 / Call 503.991.5091 

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